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optimize your PC with System Optimizer Pro

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Why Choose System Optimizer Pro?

Improve Speed and Performance

Get the best performance possible with System Optimizer Pro! There are many reasons why your PC may be running slowly and with it’s one of a kind scanning engine System Optimizer Pro will find and repair all known causes of impaired and decreased performance.

Fix your PC Errors

System Optimizer Pro will securely scan your Windows registry and repair any incorrect or obsolete entries that may cause instabilities and error messages. By repairing this data your system will be able to run faster and error free.

Clean up your Hard Drive

Over time your PC’s memory will become fragmented and will take longer to access data. System Optimizer Pro Defragments your hard drive to clear disk space and decrease the amount of time it takes to access programs and files you have saved on your PC.

Protect your Personal Information

System Optimizer Pro protects your privacy by erasing sensitive data in your internet history and on your Hard Drive that can put you at risk for identity theft.

Optimize your System

System Optimizer Pro adjusts all your system settings in just one click so that your computer is always running at optimal performance.

Improve Startup Times

System Optimizer Pro decreases your start up times by disabling unwanted programs and background applications that waste computing power.


  • WOW! Great job – I just purchased and am so excited about this product!! The interface is so incredible, and I am loving every bit of it so far!

    Mark, Omaha, Nebraska.
  • My computer had been running really slowly for the past 2 months so I decided to give System Optimizer Pro a shot. It discoverer a lot of errors and fixed them promptly. Now my computer runs much faster.

    Jamie, Riverside, California